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We are offering a free Wellness Examination for your new puppy or kitten. Please contact us to schedule appointment for your new family member.

*Conditions apply, by appointment.If a medical condition is found further examination and treatment may involve costs.


Urine testing

Testing urine is a very useful tool. Simple in-clinic testing allows us to gather very valuable information such as whether your pet has diabetes, painful cystitis or possible kidney failure. A very fresh, uncontaminated sample is needed & sometimes requires admitting your pet to the hospital to allow collection.

Signs of kidney failure show up in the urine long before anything generally is apparent in blood tests. This allows us to start treatment early to help provide a longer happier life for your pet.


Pre Anaesthetic blood testing

Blood tests can be used to screen the internal functioning of the body. Just as with people, it is often the case that an internal illness may not be apparent on routine external examination of your pet. These blood tests can reveal problems that may otherwise complicate an anaesthetic and allows us to tailor an aneasthteic to your pets needs.

Wellness Testing

This routine test has proved a life saver for many middle-aged pets who would have otherwise shown no outward signs of the diseases they harboured. By looking for early changes in blood enzymes and urine, we can be alerted to disease processes before they become more difficult to treat.

In many cases once pets show visible symptoms the disease is in advanced stages. In a recent American study the following abnormalities were discovered: Hypothyroidism, Chronic Renal (Kidney) Failure, Gastrointestinal disease, Diabetes and Heart Disease. Like you or I, being diagnosed early with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, these pets received the necessary precautionary and preventative measures to ensure a longer, healthier life.


Cytology is a very useful tool in helping us diagnose and appropriately treat ear and skin problems, and other disease where information on cell structure is important.

These are only some of the laboratory  tests we perform at Flemington Veterinary Hospital. Some of the tests are performed in-house while others are couriered to an external laboratory.



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