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We are offering a free Wellness Examination for your new puppy or kitten. Please contact us to schedule appointment for your new family member.

*Conditions apply, by appointment.If a medical condition is found further examination and treatment may involve costs.


In our dedicated operating theatre we are able to perform numerous types procedures, from the daily desexing operations to advanced soft tissue operations such as bowel resections and bone surgery. We also have visiting specialist orthpaedic surgeons to perform advance orthopaedic surgeries such as fracture repairs and joint surgeries (eg. TPLO).

Our facilities also include:

  • Multi-parameter patient anaesthetic monitoring system
  • Doppler and PetMap blood pressure monitoring
  • Bair hugger to maintain body temperature
  • Diathermy eletrocautery unit
  • Medical suction unit
  • Intravenous fluid pumps and fluid warming unit

Like our human counterparts, the surgery is done under sterile conditions. The surgeons will be dressed like they have come off the set of ER in full sterile surgical gowns and gloves, caps and masks. All the equipment is autoclaved to ensure sterility. 

Safety is imperative during any operation, so routinely, blood tests are performed prior to, and intravenous fluid are admistered before beginning an operation. Each patient under anaesthesia will have a dedicated anaesthetic nurse to measure blood pressure, respiration and heart function during the procedure. This ensures a safe and happy outcome.

Consideration for your Pet at Surgery

When your pet has a surgical procedure there are additional considerations

Pre Anaesthetic Blood and Urine Testing

Pre Anaesthetic Blood and Urine tests are used to screen the internal functioning of the body. It is often the case that internal illness may not be apparent on physical exam. These tests can reveal problems that may complicate an anaesthetic. This allows us to tailor an anesthetic to your pet’s needs.

This is particularly important in older animals, but is recommended to be done in all animals undergoing surgery.

Intravenous fluid therapy

During an anaesthetic the blood pressure drops. This can reduce the blood supply to vital internal organs. In some patients this can lead to organ damage or failure. This is more likely during long anaesthetics or with older animals whose organ function may not be as good as it once was. The intravenous fluids maintains the blood pressure and flow, thereby helping to maintain a good blood supply to the vital organs.

The fluids are generally administered through an intravenous cannula placed into a vein in the leg. Pets recover more quickly and pleasantly on intravenous fluids.

Pain Control

We take particular care to ensure our pets are treated pre-emptively with pain killers before the surgery begins, to limit any discomfort your animal may feel. Although people often think that pets are generally braver than us, they still experience pain the same way we do.

Pain is debilitating and can slow healing. It can easily be prevented with pain killers before and after surgery.

Any anaesthetic carries risks, but by doing blood & urine test, giving intravenous fluids & using pain control those risks are reduced making for a safer procedure.

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